Down to the Diapers

A few years ago, I decided that I had to start making some changes around the house. I’ve tried to educate myself about living sustainably, but it doesn’t always translate in practice. Slowly, I’ve made some “eco-friendly,” simple changes around the house that, if we all did, could have a big positive impact on this planet. The latest of my changes is my switch…to cloth diapers.

Newborn Madness

The first few months were crazy. I really wanted to do cloth diapers. I registered for the pocket diapers (water resistant snap diaper with a pocket for absorbent pads) for my baby shower. I read the basic directions on how to do it…I just ended up being too tired, and, too discouraged to use them regularly. Instead, we opted for “eco-friendly” brands (they still end up in the landfill) like Seventh Generation, Dyper (bamboo), and Honest. On days where I had more energy, I would try cloth again.

The Power of Facebook

After Ollie turned a year old, I joined a cloth diapering Facebook groups. For all of you new parents out there, Facebook is one of the best resources out there for support from other parents! There are thousands of moms out there ready to give you advice (not to supplant that of a doctor) on diapers, breastfeeding, and crying babies. So, this cloth diapering group really helped me get the ball rolling with Ollie finally. It provided the proper technique, the stories of struggle and perseverance, and the encouragement. I remembered the reason why I wanted to use cloth in the first place. It’s great for the environment and easy on the budget!


I began to gradually increase my use of cloth. Eventually my husband Chris got on board with this process. I started off slowly having him change only a couple of diapers a day and telling him I would rinse the inserts and take care of all the diaper laundry. The whole process may sound gross, but it really is an easy, only-sometimes gross process. The poops are way worse than the pees! (One of these days we will have to purchase a sprayer…)

I think the most important thing, just like any other new process, is to educate yourself and to give yourself ample time to adjust and really try! Also, don’t be afraid to try different types of cloth diapers. There are “All-in-Ones,” pockets, covers, fitted, etc. So many options. It can be confusing at first, but that’s when the research comes in!

PS. Ollie loves his fluffy butts & the diaper prints are so cute!!!

If this post did not apply to you at all (babies, diapers, WHAT? gross!), try reading my more-general post about Living Mindfully!

Vegetarian Yogi

Aspiring Vegetarian: Week 2

Mini-blog series of a yogi’s journey to become a vegetarian. 

This second week has been challenging, but my fiance and I are sticking to our new “meatless” diet. I expected this journey to have its obstacles, but I didn’t know just how difficult it would be for me! (Somehow Chris is finding this transition easy!)

I’ve noticed that a lot of simple vegetarian meals have bread, cheese, and legumes (beans/lentils/chick peas). All of which are foods that I would have previously avoided because they don’t always agree with my stomach! Bread is fine when I have it on the side, but it can make me feel bloated in excess amounts. Cheese is delicious, but I’m lactose intolerant so I try to avoid it. Legumes are also delicious, but not always digestion friendly. Ha!

This whole week my fiance and I have been eating lots of bread and substitute meat products. On top of the abovementioned problems with bread, it can make me feel sluggish. Too many carbs!

So what other options are there? This next week I plan on looking up more recipes and doing some actual research. This past week, we haven’t been too creative with meals and I have found myself slightly bored with our meals and sadly craving meat a bit.

We have been eating seafood. In my opinion, this isn’t a horrible alternative as long as it’s sourced responsibly and isn’t consumed in high amounts. But I think eating seafood can lead us down a blurry road of what is acceptable. Hopefully, we will gradually decrease our consumption of it!

Because of my personal struggle with this lifestyle change, I’ve reached out to a few of my vegetarian friends to get as many tips as possible. I heard philosophies on vegetarianism range from “eating meat is murder” to “it’s okay to eat meat once in awhile as long as you’re reducing your overall consumption.” I understand both viewpoints.

Just a couple weeks ago I was eating meat with almost every meal. I had chosen to use my consumer power to support organic and free-range cows and chickens in the marketplace. I’m not sure if that was a valid philosophy. I’m not sure if my current one is either. I’m figuring it out! What I do know: my carbon footprint is a little smaller now, a couple more animals are still alive than would have been otherwise, and I’m eating more vegetables.

Wish me luck!

Yoga Beginnings

wheelFlexibility and Athleticism

What do you think of when you hear the word “yoga”? Is it a fitness class where you get to wear your favorite Lululemon leggings (or some other outrageously expensive pair!)? When I first started yoga, I was fresh out of college and had just moved down to Pacific Beach, San Diego. My cousin, who lived nearby, introduced me to yoga. She took me to a very sweaty heated class at CorePower. THAT is what I thought yoga was. A place where all the trendy 20-something year-olds went to sweat as much as possible.

My first experience was so challenging, but at the same time amazing. I had somehow retained some of the flexibility I had acquired as a childhood gymnast and felt like yoga was something I was naturally pretty good at. The TRUTH was that I was probably doing many poses incorrectly! I wasn’t focused on alignment at all, but rather on keeping up and pushing myself. That’s how injuries happen. Thankfully, I dodged the injuries as newbie yogi. Whew.

This newbie was HOOKED though. I felt great after yoga– physically and mentally– and I looked fit too!

Not Just for Fitness

Don’t get me wrong, my first year of yoga was awesome. It was a way for me to sweat, and a way for me to de-stress. But, it wasn’t until I moved back up to LA for a job that I started to understand what yoga was. I tried a few studios, experiencing different yoga styles from mellow & yin classes to alignment-focused & strong classes. These foiled the heated vinyasa classes I had experienced.

Yoga class became a mental escape for me. While class was sometimes a place for me to physically exert myself, it was often where I relaxed mentally (sweat-free!).

Mindful Movement

ALIGNMENT. It is so important. Back in San Diego (after my LA job training), I decided to try some Iyengar yoga classes. WOAH. I was shocked at how focused on alignment the classes were. You were either doing the poses right or wrong, with no room for interpretation. I didn’t exactly enjoy the classes since I felt like I was doing everything wrong, BUT I finally learned how to do a “proper” downward facing dog. Took a couple years to get there!

After my handful of Iyengar classes, I decided to continue my yoga studio search in Ocean Beach, San Diego. I mean…I love hippies, the beach, and it was close by. I found my home at Happy-U Namaste.   Their website’s homepage says, “We are a holistic yoga and training center guiding people towards a happier, healthier approach to life, both on and off the mat. Welcome to our community :)” Umm… doesn’t that sound just PERFECT?! Well, I thought (and still think) so.

Finally, I started learning about the roots of yoga– the history, the mythology– along with the other branches– starting with meditation and pranayama (breath control). I was eager to learn more! I eventually would sign up for their AMAZING teacher training (which I will write about in another post!). 🙂