Natural Beauty

Why natural?

Listed below are the ingredients I use to make my products. These natural ingredients have so many awesome benefits. Cultures around the world have used these beautiful oils, salts, etc. for thousands of years. I’m so happy to be creating goods for you with these nourishing building blocks. (For specific product ingredients, see here!)

The Good Fats and Oils:

    • Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil has been used has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for its positive effects and healing properties.  It has so many health benefits. It’s a “healthy fat,”  a good moisturizer, and great for oral hygiene. Like dissolves like… meaning coconut oil is great for oil pulling (swishing in your mouth to remove plaque)! Also, coconut oil has Vitamins K and E so its consumption is good for your mind and body.
    • Cocoa Butter: Derived from the cocoa bean, this fatty deliciousness makes chocolate creamy and delicious. It also makes our skin oh-so-soft. Try this in my mint-chocolate chip lotion bars! Super moisturizing, it is great for dry skin, burned skin, rashes, infections…the list goes on. Also, ANTIOXIDANTS. It fights signs of aging with its polyphenols. This stuff is awesome.
    • Shea Butter: Incredibly nourishing and moisturizing. Skin smoothing and anti-inflammatory (thanks cinnamic acid).
    • Essential Oils: Different oils do different things. Tea tree is antibacterial and helps with itchiness. Peppermint is great for allergies or colds. Lavender is calming. Citrus is revitalizing. Frankincense is calming. Citronella + lemongrass keep the bugs away. So many benefits and uses.
    • Jojoba Oil: Used for sores and bruises, acne, psoriasis, chapped skin, etc. It is similar to our skin’s naturally produced sebum so it does a good job moisturizing and keeping our oil levels balanced. Vitamins E & B Complex. It is a great anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory as well.
    • Castor Oil: Healing, Hydrating, and Hair growth (ha!). Thanks Castor Oil. It is sometimes ingested for other uses such as boosting the immune system and aiding in digestion.


    • Bentonite Clay: Cultures around the world have use this natural healing clay for toxin removal (its strong negative charge helps with this!). Arizona State University has shown that this clay kills bacteria such as MRSA, Salmonella,  and E.Coli! For a detailed description of all the perks of this volcanic ash, see this post by Wellness Mama.
    • Himalayan Salts: Salt baths are great for detoxification. This particular salt has plenty of minerals (84 in total!) so it’s perfect to have in your bath. Out with the toxins, in with the much-needed minerals!
    • Epsom Salt: Magnesium and Sulfate.  Exfoliates. Reduces bloat. Soothes sore muscles. Lowers stress (it’s the magnesium). Improves bone health. Woohoo. Time for that bath now.
    • Activated Charcoal benefits: Charcoal can adsorb (not a typo!) toxins and chemicals in our body. Because of its ability to hold onto other molecules, it works well in our toothpaste powder! Charcoal is said to whiten teeth and also balance the mouth’s pH and help the health of the gums. Are there well-researched scientific studies to support this? I’m honestly not sure. I personally have been using it for almost a year and my teeth feel and look great.

Thank you Bees:

    • Raw honey benefits: This unprocessed honey is a great addition to my lip balms. It keeps the lips moisturized for longer (it’s a humectant) as well as acts as a anti-bacterial agent. Raw honey has plenty of vitamins and good-for-you enzymes too! Ancient Egyptians and Grecians believed it helped heal wounds. Warning: Babies under 1 should avoid raw honey since it is unpasteurized! BUT, the honey is my lip balm should be safe for all ages since I raise the temperature to combine it with the other ingredients (whew, that was close).
    • Beeswax: Calms and soothes. This wax creates a protective layer over the skin  while allowing the skin to still breathe. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties too (just like honey!). AND, beeswax has Vitamin A.


    • Soy Wax: Natural, renewable source (not petroleum!). Soy has many benefits over paraffin: cleaner burning, longer lasting (about 2x), biodegradable, gradual & subtle scent.
    • Lavender: Relaxing, soothing, and keeps the bugs away! It smells amazing too. Warning: Not for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies. Also, do not eat!
    • Hibiscus Powder: Rich in Vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. May also be good for high blood pressure and cholesterol when ingested.
    • Beet Powder: Good for your blood flow and your blood pressure. Contains potassium, magnesium, iron, Vitamins A, B6, and C, and much more.
    • Witch Hazel: Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, astringent (tannins help tighten proteins in skin),  moisturizing, and healing (good for sunburns).