Balancing it all

Just an update on my life as a mom, entrepreneur, and individual!

Since becoming a mom, I have found that life has become a juggling act of sorts. I’m a stay-at-home mom, but also have my Etsy, Poshmark, and yoga business. I sometimes take side-jobs in marketing and photography as well. I love having something for myself that I can work at and be proud of. In addition to my business, I have really delved into dance this past season. Dance (and yoga) keeps me grounded & feeling like myself. It helps me keep my identity as an individual, other than just a mom.

While I’m at home daily with my now almost 21-month old, I am consumed by mom life. My routine consists of feeding, clothing, changing, cleaning, carrying, and entertaining my toddler. ALL DAY. EVERYDAY. Oh, and I forgot naps…those are hard sometimes, but occasionally I get a break…or a nap.

So when do I have time for my business, dance, and self-care? After hours! When baby (and husband) are asleep that’s when I work and play! Luckily for me, my businesses are flexible & online. And, salsa dance starts late and goes till 2 am (not that I stay out that late regularly). For yoga, I opt for an online kula that I can access around the clock. It’s not exactly the same as a studio, but at least I still am able to practice regularly! I sometimes practice at the gym, logged in via wifi, while my little one is in the gym’s daycare, or during naps, or in the middle of the night. I’ve learned to be super flexible to get in MY necessities.

At times, all of this balancing can be overwhelming. There are days when I’m sleep deprived, cranky, and/or lazy. These days I try to take it easy and perhaps step back from my business. I nap when my son naps to catch up on sleep. Other days, I push through it. Even though it’s important to be mindful and present, it’s also super helpful for me to have something to look forward to. Some event or self-care moment to smile about. This is how I get through the moments of tantrums or even loneliness that sometimes accompanies the at-home life.

I haven’t perfected the balance just yet. I’m still learning and finding my way daily as toddler life is unpredictable. Things are getting a little easier each day as I climb the learning curve!

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