Recycled Fashion

Some “light” Marie Kondo-ing turns into major thrifting.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for more ways to be environmentally conscious while sticking to my budget. Recently, after falling in love with Marie Kondo on Netflix, I decided to go through my clothes and say thank you to my clothes that no longer sparked joy in me and drop them off at Goodwill. In the process, I found the app Poshmark. It’s an app made for the millennial. Tons of social sharing, liking, and bargaining. AND, you get to make a pretty penny while you’re at it. (Or, rather, possibly a pretty penny and not always very easily…there’s lots of phone tapping involved…but nevertheless, it’s easier than ebay.)

“Hello closet. Let’s get down to business and clear you out. Let’s make me some money.”

“Wait, actually, let’s get rid of a bunch of things…but also check out what Goodwill has to offer in terms of cute clothes, purses, and shoes as well….”

Our guest bedroom/the baby room has now turned into an anti-Kondo room of potential Poshmark sales. OOPS. But at the same time– YAY. Thrifting is now my new hobby and dare-I-say side-business…?

Thrifting is not only fun, but it also can be quite lucrative. Perfect for me, who is a stay-at-home mom now with a few naps here and there of downtime/chore time.

So this is the story of how (and part of the why) I’ve come to add a “POSHMARK” link in my site’s menu 🙂

Here are some more reasons why secondhand fashion is trending AND a great avenue to live more sustainably:

Yogilinds Poshmark Closet
  • Find great, quality clothes (and expensive brands) for WAY LESS
  • Keep clothes out of the landfill for a little longer. Extend the life of a barely worn sweater, loved pair of shoes, or beautiful, near pristine bag.
  • Reduce resources. Buy secondhand to reduce the water & other resources required to produce new products.
  • Support great causes. Many secondhand stores are nonprofit and donate their proceeds to various charities.
  • Step outside of the mall. Go beyond your usual staples and find some fun items to wear!

What other reasons can you think of for thrifting??? I would love to hear them! Also, if you haven’t joined Poshmark yet, follow the link in my menu! If you join using my code “YOGILINDS”, you also earn $5 of shopping credit. Happy thrifting!

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