Attainable New Year’s Goals

New year resolutions, in my opinion, should not be these grand, unattainable goals. They should be tangible, in reach, doable. 

Happy New Year!

This morning I found some quiet time while my baby was sleeping & husband was home to practice yoga– a short asana and meditation. And now, I feel refreshed and inspired to write about some of my new year goals!

Here’s just a brief overview of them:

  1. Be more patient & kind–especially with those closest to me!
  2. Practice yoga more
  3. Meditate
  4. Get outdoors more
  5. Dance often
  6. Sleep more
  7. Clean out my closet & misc possessions
  8. Buy less/reduce/reuse/recycle
  9. Contribute to our household finances more
  10. [Continue to] be a good partner and mom

I’ve gone into the new year with these goals already in progress! They are neither impractical nor impossible.

Some of the things I’ve started doing include signing up for a couple online yoga programs & getting involved with an actual kula (community) on Facebook to keep me accountable. On Yoga Collective (found a groupon!) there are great Baby & Me classes as well as a variety of levels and styles. Another online yoga subscription I am doing is with Karson McGinley. She’s a great teacher and was my main mentor during yoga teacher training. I highly recommend her!

I also started watching a Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. Now I’m going through all my possessions and asking myself “Does this bring me joy?” If it does not, I either donate it or I resell it on Poshmark or Ebay! (I’ve made a couple hundred dollars in the past week! Contributing to finances–check!)

The more difficult goals on my attainable list probably include the sleeping more and being patient. My lack of sleep (baby!) has really made me irritable…for the past year or so…. (I haven’t had a full night sleep since being 3 months pregnant!) So, how will I get more sleep? I figure I need to 1) start napping with the baby and/or 2) utilize my family/friend network more to get things done/sleep more. To make this seem less daunting, I’ll get more specific with my goal. Let’s say–30 more minutes of sleep per day!?

I have a plan, now it’s time to implement it! What are your goals this year? Let’s keep each other accountable!






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