2018 Goals of a Resolute Yogi

Every year for the New Year, many of us set new resolutions. Simple habit changes; tangible results; or, great, grandiose visions. We set them, try them, forget about them, and then reset them the following year. I believe, these resolutions, these goals, should be more than just empty promises to ourselves. So, let’s set a road map for ourselves!

So how do we begin? Accountability! Tell a friend, perhaps work on your goals together. Write down your goals. Keep track of them. Post to social media your progress. There are so many ways to improve your odds of reaching those goals! Here is a short must-read by one of my yogi mentors: Accountability: The Key to Reaching Your Goals by Karson McGinley.

This year, with all of the major changes in my life (relationship-wise, body-wise, and baby-wise), I wanted to lay down some goals. A vision of my future. Something positive, something inspiring, something to look forward to. With change, we often feel a sense of chaos, loss, and/or anxiety, so it’s nice to think of some resolutions to take back some sense of control and focus!

I’m sharing these goals with you 1) to inspire you to do the same; and 2) to keep myself accountable!

2018 Goals

  1. Be healthy. Eat well, exercise, and get as much asleep as possible. This is especially important since I’m pregnant and want a healthy birth and baby!
  2. Be prepared for baby Ollie. Mentally, physically, and emotionally! Take a birthing class, continue attending prenatal yoga, and come up with a flexible plan for the birth (and after).
  3.  Continue my yoga education. Earn the necessary and desired continued education credits for teaching yoga before baby Ollie arrives. This includes an online prenatal yoga teacher training and an in-person adjustments workshop.
  4. Practice patience and kindness towards others and myself. Meditate more, practice a yoga lifestyle, volunteer… (and don’t let those pregnancy hormones take over too much!)
  5. Grow my business. I would like to grow my business in all arenas–more exposure and opportunities, improved quality of my handcrafted, natural goods, and more profit (por favor).
  6. Celebrate our wedding day with all of our closest family and friends. (Beautiful, yet affordable please!)
  7. Continue to explore, to adventure, to grow.
  8.  And of course, be a wonderful new mommy and wife!

These are my goals. They are written down, but not in stone. I’m allowed to adapt my goals to fit my desires and needs. Sharing them with you, however, will hopefully give me something to focus my energy on and encourage me to be a better version of myself!

Besides simply writing down my goals, I think it’s important to think about the steps needed to reach each and every one of those goals. For instance, I already signed up for both yoga trainings. I committed myself financially! Also, I started studying the prenatal yoga material for an hour or so a night. Each goal you set will likely have mini-goals or steps that go along with them! You can do it. Just keep moving forward[-ish]. 🙂 (And, if there’s a goal you are not able to reach this year…maybe next year? Don’t get too attached! Yogi lesson #1. HA!)



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