Aspiring Vegetarian: Week 3

Mini-blog series of a yogi’s journey to become a vegetarian. 

Yes! WEEK 3!

Fortunately, the cravings this week have been minimal. I think I’m starting to adjust! Whenever we pass a people BBQing, I just try to tell myself it smells horrible. (LOL)

My fiance Chris and I had seafood a couple times this week (poke, shrimp dumplings, fish curry) when we were out and about. I still don’t know if we are keeping fish in our diet permanently or just for the transition.

For protein in other meals, we used tofu, beans, eggs, and have even tried some “meatless” sausages & chorizo. The substitute meat products aren’t bad tasting honestly. Especially the soy chorizo from Trader Joe’s. However, I don’t exactly love eating heavily processed foods. The substitute meats seem to be heavily processed. When soy tastes like pork…you know that’s not exactly fresh. I know it’s probably better healthwise just to eat the edamame version of soy than the version that tastes like Italian sausage, but, if you’re craving a chicken-ish protein or something that slightly resembles bacon, fake meat is there for you. Also, it’s pretty convenient! Veggie burgers and meatless hot dogs are just as easy as their meaty counterparts.

I did some research. I guess bloating is a common problem for new vegetarians. Our bodies aren’t used to the higher levels of fiber from all the vegetables. And, I read something about how when you eat meat, the antibiotics in the meat kill off a lot of the good gut bacteria which really hurts our digestion. So, overtime the bacteria will grow back and you should have a healthy stomach environment to break down and process all the fibrous food. Probiotics and prebiotics are recommended to aid in the digestion. Also, there’s some enzyme supplements I guess you can take to aid in the transition too.

Questions: 1) Is eating seafood just as “bad” as eating other animals? 2) What are the best fake meats (if any)?


2 thoughts on “Aspiring Vegetarian: Week 3

  1. Nikki says:

    I think for fish it depends on if it’s farme for caught and what the population for the specific fish is. Like I think salmon is pretty over fished but catfish is more abundant.


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