Vegetarian Yogi

Aspiring Vegetarian: Week 2

Mini-blog series of a yogi’s journey to become a vegetarian. 

This second week has been challenging, but my fiance and I are sticking to our new “meatless” diet. I expected this journey to have its obstacles, but I didn’t know just how difficult it would be for me! (Somehow Chris is finding this transition easy!)

I’ve noticed that a lot of simple vegetarian meals have bread, cheese, and legumes (beans/lentils/chick peas). All of which are foods that I would have previously avoided because they don’t always agree with my stomach! Bread is fine when I have it on the side, but it can make me feel bloated in excess amounts. Cheese is delicious, but I’m lactose intolerant so I try to avoid it. Legumes are also delicious, but not always digestion friendly. Ha!

This whole week my fiance and I have been eating lots of bread and substitute meat products. On top of the abovementioned problems with bread, it can make me feel sluggish. Too many carbs!

So what other options are there? This next week I plan on looking up more recipes and doing some actual research. This past week, we haven’t been too creative with meals and I have found myself slightly bored with our meals and sadly craving meat a bit.

We have been eating seafood. In my opinion, this isn’t a horrible alternative as long as it’s sourced responsibly and isn’t consumed in high amounts. But I think eating seafood can lead us down a blurry road of what is acceptable. Hopefully, we will gradually decrease our consumption of it!

Because of my personal struggle with this lifestyle change, I’ve reached out to a few of my vegetarian friends to get as many tips as possible. I heard philosophies on vegetarianism range from “eating meat is murder” to “it’s okay to eat meat once in awhile as long as you’re reducing your overall consumption.” I understand both viewpoints.

Just a couple weeks ago I was eating meat with almost every meal. I had chosen to use my consumer power to support organic and free-range cows and chickens in the marketplace. I’m not sure if that was a valid philosophy. I’m not sure if my current one is either. I’m figuring it out! What I do know: my carbon footprint is a little smaller now, a couple more animals are still alive than would have been otherwise, and I’m eating more vegetables.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Aspiring Vegetarian: Week 2

  1. Kristin Chemistruck says:

    Good job putting the effort in! You can try incorporating more nuts into your diet–almond flour can be great! And avocados!! High in protein and good fats, and they make practically everything more delicious. I think during your journey you’ll find yourself learning to rely on yummy spices more instead of falling back on the flavor of meat. Good luck!

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