Aspiring Vegetarian

Mini-blog series of a yogi’s journey to become a vegetarian. 



After more than 5 years of talking about eating “less meat,” I am finally taking concrete action! My fiancé and I have made the decision to cut meat out of our diets! (FINALLY!)

Background: In college, I learned so much as a Biology & Anthropology student about the environment & about the food we eat. Yes, we have canines and our bodies can digest meat. We are evolutionarily omnivores. However, here in America, we are excessive with our meat consumption. I remember at UCLA in my conservation & food-related classes we would discuss the problem with our eating habits– the negative impact on our bodies and the environment. We were all somewhat disgusted, but at the same time somewhat detached. I felt bad for the animals and the environment, but how was I supposed to be expected to change my behavior? And if I changed my behavior, what difference overall would that make? 

Journey: Oddly enough, the tipping point that changed the “let’s eat less meat” to “let’s eat no meat” was watching OKJA last week! (seriously!) Something about that fictitious Netflix movie moved us and made us rethink some of our decisions. SO…This week, we GAVE AWAY all of our meat! When my mom came to visit, I gave her all the meat in our fridge and freezer. We kept the seafood for now because 1) we want to ease the transition & 2) we are not completely sure if we want to give it up yet! (What if we just buy sustainably raised/caught fish?…)

Temptation: Going out to eat with friends is harder than I thought it would be! Especially, when they order shared dishes. I found out that firmly saying “no thanks” a couple times works and if not, just ignore the pressure! Also, there are some staple cultural foods (pho!) that traditionally have meat that I know I’ll miss. I know it’ll get easier over time. For now, I’ll just have to keep reminding myself of the reasons behind my new choice!

My fiancé and I are happy with our choice so far. I remember my yoga teacher told me that the further along you get on the yogic path, the more you’ll want to give up meat and go vegetarian. The “do no harm” principle applies to animals too! 



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