How often do you practice yoga? Do you practice everyday? (I’m far from perfect!) How often do you actually take class?

Finding time to physically go into a yoga studio for your practice can be seemingly impossible at times. There’s finding a class that fits in your schedule… communicating with your significant others, friends, family or whomever that you’ll be busy for the next few hours… then there’s finding clean leggings (it’s a real struggle!). Once you’re dressed, you then have to travel to yoga! For those of you lucky enough to live next to an awesome studio, you can stroll to class, knowing exactly how long the trip will take. If you’re in a different neighborhood, however, you have to account for traffic, parking, etc. I usually leave 30 minutes before class! With scheduling, getting ready, driving, and the actual class… it can take around 2.5 HOURS! That’s a big chunk of the day.

Lately I have placed this going-to-class “production” on the back burner. I have felt guilty, a bit sad, and a lot more anxious because of it!  Sure, I’ve still been practicing asana on my own…but even as a certified yoga teacher, this is not the same as going into class.

There’s always more to learn. And although you can learn a lot from an online class or your own personal practice, it’s quite a different experience from going into a physical studio to be guided by a yogini.

When you go to class, you share a space with your community, your sangha. You join your voice in AUM, you hug your friends, you share a smile with your neighbor, you openly receive kind words and loving adjustments from your teacher.

My reminder to myself (and to you): Yoga happens everywhere. It’s not just asana. It is the stillness between movements, the pause between breaths, the silence between words, the space between thoughts. YOGA IS the quieting, the calming, of the mind. Yoga is reflected in the way we treat others and in the way we treat ourselves. As yogis, we do not have to go into the studio to grow our hearts, expand our minds, and “perfect” a pose. BUT, WE SHOULD. GET. IN. THAT. STUDIO.

My goal is to put my favorite classes in my schedule and just go. Maybe wrap the trip to yoga up with a trip to the grocery store to save on time (and gas). Maybe invite a friend along if you feel torn between yoga and quality time with them. Try not to think of going to class as a hassle or production, but as self care.

Know that if you do not follow your schedule exactly, that’s okay. There’s always tomorrow. AND, you can practice on your own at home for a bit too TODAY! A short practice by yourself is better than no practice. That’s my theory at least ;). REMEMBER at least set the goal to go to class. Write it down (it’s more likely to happen that way!) or tell a friend about it (keeps you accountable!).


[Today I went to yoga class at my favorite studio (HAPPY-U NAMASTE) and it felt fantastic. I may have fallen asleep during savasana. RIGHT NOW I’m about to write into my schedule my next planned classes!!! XO]


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