Ocean, Sun, & Dance

Find Your Passion

In Hinduism, Nataraja (“lord of dance”) is the god Shiva in his blissful, dancing form. He creates and destroys. His dance is powerful.

When I dance, like Nataraja, I feel as if I can create and destroy. I feel powerful & divine.

A couple months ago, I joined a salsa & bachata team. I have always loved to dance. Something about the joy and freedom that comes out of movement. Expression. Heart.

In college I went from dancing for fun with friends to taking more formal–yet still recreational–dance classes. Ballet and jazz. At first, I joined to be more active, graceful, and flexible. Soon, however, my perspective on dance changed. You see… It starts in your core and spreads to your extremities. Like breathing. It’s natural, it’s something so in-our-blood, innate, prehistoric.

Dance can be refined and structured…seemingly detached. But under the surface there are always the stirrings of emotion. There’s an inner child that comes out when you allow your body flow. Boom-ka. Boom-ka. Following that drum rhythm like a heartbeat. It guides us to listen to what makes us happy.

For me, dance has done just that this year. It has filled me with bliss. It has freed me. I am taking a break from data analysis. I am dancing and practicing yoga. Writing. Exploring. I am living. Sure, I still crave a certain intellectual stimulation. (To feed that part of my brain, I’ve been taking computer science courses!) But, there’s so much more to life than sitting in front of a screen all day. At the end of each day, I want to feel happy & I want the gratitude to come easily. I know everyday is different and there are days when it’s more difficult to thank the universe… BUT, I think by doing what you LOVE, you will EXPONENTIALLY increase your chances of being truly happy.

I have chosen to believe in the power of positivity. In the theory of abundance. Money will come if you follow your heart and open your mind. Know your talents & your passions. Find the intersection and your path will lie ahead.

I am so thankful for dance and yoga. Each day through dance I learn how to express myself and be free. Each day through yoga, I learn how to do all of that with love, kindness, & gratitude.


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